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Alan R. Adaschik was born in New London, Connecticut, on June 27, 1943. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and attended Franklin K. Lane High School. Upon graduation, Al was accepted as an engineering student at the University of Michigan in its naval ROTC program. Upon completing college, Al qualified for navy flight training and received his wings as a jet fighter pilot in June of 1966. After completing his tour of duty, he left the service and earned an MBA from Long Island University.

Al has worked as a flight test conductor for the Grumman Aerospace Corporation, a financial analyst for the Singer Company, a senior financial analyst for Pratt & Whitney, and as a financial administrator for the city of Fort Lauderdale. He retired from this position after twenty years of service in 2001. Upon moving to Florida in 1976, Al and his first wife, Pam, opened and managed a school of gymnastics called the Gym Inc. The Gym was home of the Tumblebees, the girl’s gymnastic team, and the Stingers, the boy’s gymnastics team. The Tumblebees, under the tutelage of Pam and head coach Tim Rand, became the most successful gymnastics team in the Southeast United States; winning many honors and awards at both the state and regional levels of competition.

Eventually, Al, in partnership with Dann Smith, began franchising Tumblebee mini-gyms in malls and shopping centers throughout South Florida. Nine locations were developed, and Dann and Al had visions of going nationwide with their concept. However, an undercapitalized situation, coupled with the launching of an ill-fated “gym-on-wheels” venture, drove the Tumblebees into insolvency.

When hired by the city of Fort Lauderdale, Al was on a fast track to become department head of the city’s Utilities Department. His career came to a standstill three years after being hired when he learned that the Utilities Department was dumping raw sewage into the river that ran through the heart of town. After failing to rectify this situation by himself and not willing to accept this state of affairs, Al enlisted the help of two friends. Their involvement brought the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

Despite the difficulties Al experienced with his superiors subsequent to the pollution incident, his contributions did not go unrecognized. On March 1, 1988, the Riverside Park Residents’ Association honored him with a plaque that read, “In profound appreciation of your many contributions to our community, we acknowledge your dedication, wisdom, generosity, and reliability which have been a foundation of our neighborhood’s progress and which have made Riverside Park a better place to live.” On November 2, 2001, the day he retired, the mayor and city commission officially decreed the day to be Al Adaschik Day. This honor was offered in appreciation for his dedication, professionalism, and the leadership he had exhibited throughout his career as a public servant.

In 1994, Congress passed the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which made the United States a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). According to the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, GATT was passed by “pushing sovereignty issues aside.” This revelation motivated Al to obtain a copy of the GATT accord. This document revealed that our membership in the WTO was unconstitutional. Acting as his own attorney for the voting citizens of this nation, Al sued our government over the constitutionality of GATT. The court ruled his lawsuit was without merit on technical reasons, and Al did not pursue the matter further.

Subsequent to Al’s lawsuit, he wrote a book, available free online, entitled While We Sleep: A Story of Government without Law. This book begins with a description of his idyllic childhood, goes on to describe how he stopped the city from dumping raw sewage into Fort Lauderdale’s New River, details his efforts to jumpstart his stalled career, and concludes with a narrative of his efforts to undo the harm done to this nation by the passage of GATT.

Al also developed and hosted a website called the Constitution Forum. As host of this website, he authored a plethora of political tracts and articles, many of which are included in the appendix of this book.
Al is now retired and lives on a 20 acre mountain top retreat in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

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